8th Grader Peter Featured on the Arduino Blog

8th Grader Peter Featured on the Arduino Blog

After a HUGE amount of experimentation, Peter created his cigarette smoke detecting shirt. It used a carbon monoxide sensor, LED lights, and a microcontroller called an Arduino. Well, guess what? Arduino featured him on their site. Click HERE to check it out!

Here is the site’s description of Peter’s work:

Kick the habit with a cigarette smoke-detecting shirt

You’ve heard it before, smoking is bad for your health. However, despite the countless warnings, millions of people continue to use cigarettes–including 7th grade student Peter’s dad. Mindful of this, the young Maker came up with a new way to shame smokers into quitting.

The aptly named “Cigarette Smoke Detecting Shirt” consists of an Arduino LilyPad, a smoke sensor, and three LED sequins, all sewn into the t-shirt using conductive thread. When cigarette smoke is sensed, one of three different lights illuminate alongside a message to embarrass the wearer such as “stinky breath,” “yellow teeth,” or “lung cancer.”

In the future, Peter hopes to finish the prototype and start making more shirts to sell on Etsy. Whether or not this idea takes off, it’s pretty cool nonetheless. As Adafruit puts it, “This is such a fine example of a project that works on an issue and gets students excited about STEM.”


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