A Cricket A Day: Eating Bugs to End World Hunger

A Cricket A Day: Eating Bugs to End World Hunger

Here at The Island School, we are well known for our love of entomophagy (the eating of insects). Check out THIS POST from Teach For America’s blog about 7th grader Britney.

Here is the description from Teach For America’s Site:

What’s a bug got to do with it? Everything when it comes to developing curious young minds on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Lou Lahana, technology coordinator at the Island School, uses tech solutions to teach social and environmental justice issues. One of Lahana’s enterprising sixth graders, Britney, created a documentary about the many benefits of eating bugs—yes, bugs—to curb world hunger and lessen the demand for other resource-heavy protein sources. Britney isn’t all talk; in the documentary, she gladly makes a snack of crickets, beetles, and other creepy crawlies to argue her excellent case. We recently spent the day with Britney and her classmate Raphael, who staged a cooking demonstrating to show us how to make cricket cake. As Raphael notes, bugs are vitamin-rich, inexpensive, and help reduce cruelty to animals that are routinely turned into food. Watch their cooking demo below, and see how their fellow classmates/taste testers reacted to their creation.

Want to see more insect-eating? Check out this Video:

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