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THE EDUCATIONAL ALLIANCE:  One of the oldest and most comprehensive community settlement houses on the Lower East Side, The Educational Alliance has been a primary partner in collaborating on the PS/MS 188 Whole School Extended Day programs.  In doing so, Ed Alliance provides youth services expertise and the capacity to employ Community Educators who work alongside 188 staff to provide academics support, enrichment, recreation, physical education and nutritional services throughout the school year.  Ed Alliance offers parenting classes, and has introduced a College Access program.


ExpandED Schools (formerly The AFTERSCHOOL CORPORATION (TASC) is a nationwide leader in developing and advocating for expanded learning time programs across the nation. Its model, ExpandEd, provides a planning and programmatic framework with a per student cost model.   It provides technical assistance and training for staff, and continues to identify additional resources and advocate for our program.


RYANNENA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER  has provided a school based Health Clinic available to all 188 students Operating five days a week on the school’s second floor, the clinic has an on-site nurse practitioner,  and doctor on call. Funded by New York State, they provide comprehensive exams, wellness activities as well as on-site drop in exams.


BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE offers ESL classes on-site, GED and college classes off-site, and parent engagement workshops on-site.   It was awarded the Literacy Zone Grant to provide enhanced services for 188 families including classes, individual school and career counseling, parent workshops and family literacy nights.


NEW YORK CARES, a leader in volunteer programs in New York City, selected PS/MS 188 in 2010, as part of its VIP Partnership Program.   Currently, they provide weekend sports activities as well as nutritional workshops using New York City volunteers.  Its Their Urban Adventure program takes groups of 15 students on Saturday excursions around the city.


LOWER  EAST SIDE GIRLS CLUB has demonstrated a commitment to supporting middle school girls both on site at 188 and at their newly opened state of the art center.  A recent grant with Deutsche Bank has enabled high-interest classes, mentoring, trips and career exposure. Their new center, just three blocks away, has a planetarium, hydroponic garden, a recording studio and a radio station. PS 188 students are now able to use the facilities during extended day.


NEAG CENTER FOR GIFTED EDUCATION AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT at the University of Connecticut has developed an internationally recognized school-based model SEM for developing talent in youth.   Each summer it offers a week-long program,  CONFRATUTE, providing educators with research-based practical strategies for engagement and enrichment learning.   A team of 188 educators attended for the past four years with funding from our 21st Century Community Learning Center grant.  Dr.  Joseph Renzulli, Director, provides cost-free consultation.

In an effort to refine and improve our Full-Service Community School Model, we developed the attached logic model to allow for ongoing discussion and communication as we refine our plans.  We have identified areas for improvement, and continue enhance our efforts to support our students and families. We strongly believe that every child and family deserves access to a neighborhood school that is open well beyond the school day, and that supports high academic achievement, talent development, parent engagement, health and wellness through integrated extended day and wrap-around services.  Doing so optimizes the contribution schools can make to address the issues of inequality in our city.